Problems with highlighting options and inputing values

I’m getting a problem with blender where when I open up a menu and point the cursor to an option, it will not become highlighted to indicate that I am pointing to it. For example, I press space and go to Add>Mesh, and when I move my cursor over any of the choices, the choices do not highlight.

Also, when I try to type in or adjust a value in one of the panels, the number does not show any change until some other action is taken. For example, when I first open up blender, I go to the mesh panel and try to change the value under the button “auto smooth”. If I press the arrows to adjust the value, I do not see a change in the number until I move my cursor outside the panel. So even if I press the right arrow twice, it will stay 30 until I move my cursor outside, at which point it will jump to 34. If I click on the number so that I could type in a specific value, the number will still indicate 30 and I don’t know if I am editing it or not. If I were to click on it and type in 34, the number will stay 30 throughout the entire process and change to 34 only after I move the cursor away.

Sorry if the descriptions are a little hard to understand. They’re minor but annoying problems.

These weren’t problems when I was using 2.45 on my desktop, but when I changed to my laptop and got 2.46 and 2.47, the problems started.

Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated,
Thank you

p.s. sorry if someone posted this already, but I couldn’t find a thread on it.

Sounds like your graphics card is not rendering Blender’s OpenGL User Interface correctly. Also explains why the problem occured when you switched computers. Usual solutions are to update your graphics drivers or change their settings.

I finally managed to update my driver and the problem has been solved.
Thanks for the help.

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