problems with importing OBJ model

I’m making some technical rendering of the valve which I’ve made in solidworks and exported it into OBJ model. When I imported the valve in blender I got very poor mesh. It seems that some faces are not connected to others when I switched to smooth view. Does anyone know how I can repair my mesh to get more tessellations and make a rendered image more smother? Thanks.
OBJ file is available here

It’s not just blender, your exported obj is a mess. I’d check your export settings or try another format.
I also can’t get blender to import your attached obj, it raises a script error .

Your obj viewed in Meshlab

what i actually did is created a solidworks model saved it as step file and used an external exporter “anycadexchange3D” to get obj file. Is there maybe other soft for exorting OBJ? I will definitely try that modified obj exorter. Many thanks for suggestions.

Well, if you want to export from NURBS to obj on a regular basis, I can recommend Moment of Inspiration (MoI). It’s a fully-fledged NURBS tool with a focus on ease of use, coded by a former developer of Rhinoceros. MoI’s obj mesher is top notch and one of the best I’ve seen around. If you want to use it only for obj export it might be a little hefty price wise ($ 295).

I took the liberty of re-creating your valve in MoI to show what I mean - see the attachment for the resulting mesh. I can add a Cycles render if need be.


that looks awesome, very clean mesh exactly what i want for my parts but i’m looking for some freeware sotware to get smth similar. I can imagine that cycles render will give a great look.
I installed obj exporter directly to solidworks n tried to get the obj from SW. The results are the same as in my first post. I also changed the modified obj importer n it looks better but not perfect in my case.

Hmmm. Don’t want to be the spoil sport here, but somehow I don’t see a freeware workflow in this case.

You’d either need a commercial 3D app that doesn’t share Blender’s cumbersome vertex normal problems or a really decent mesh exporter for your CAD models. And since getting a clean topology is the fine art of meshing, I wouldn’t expect to find that in freeware software. Don’t get me wrong, I do not dispute the quality of freeware, but high-quality meshing is the Holy Grail and whoever finds it will hardly give it away for free.

Excuse me, I have to go now before the open source guys and girls finish sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches…

Sorry, I just fully realized that you’re using SolidWorks. Don’t you have access to PhotoView 360 in that case? PhotoView 360 is (to my knowledge) MODO’s render engine licensed to Dassault Systèmes - should be quite capable without even having to leave SolidWorks…?

Hi @IkariShinji
yes maybe it’d be the best to extend my lenience n buy photoview 360. Can I ask u to make a quick cycle render of the version was exported from moment of inspiration?
thanks for suggestions.

Sure. Here’s a few renders and the obj from MoI (, 1.07 MB): Imported with the modified obj importer and rendered in Cycles. From that SolidWorks website I got the impression that PhotoView is included? Or does that just apply to certain versions?

Thanks man, that looks awesome. As far as I see it seems that photoview is not extended version, but maybe I’m wrong, hasn’t dig it yet.