problems with luxrender...please help

I’m sorry for posting another luxrender question.
I’m using windows7 64bit, blender beta 2.54 64bit, luxrender 64bit
I have followed the instructions on the luxrender page for instaling the script, but the first problem is that there is no (or I cant find it) script folder in blender folder, so i installed the script directly in blender2.54 folder and then I’ve changed the script directory in user preferences panel. I have seen the tutorial that was posted on blender artists about instaling and using luxrender with blender 2.54 and there I realised that I have to check the box in the user preferences/addons/render panel/lux render. But i can’t see no lux render panel.
Anyone done this before??? (sorry for may spelling)

Try download a new build from Filiciss has been steadily updating a windows 64 build almost daily with all the extra goodies, including luxrender.

But as far as scripts, my script directory on windows 7 64 is “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.54\scripts”

I have added a detailed install procedure for Luxrender in Blender 2.5 here: