Problems with modeling icing with Blender Guru donut tutorial

Today I started the donut tutorial from Blender Guru (for 3.0 version) and now I am modeling the icing. Everything was fine and I thought I did all the steps in the video but now when I am shaping the icing with a reference photo, it disappears and I am just not able to work with it well. Something is wrong and no matter how much I try, I can’t find the mistake.

Can someone please help? I am a complete newbie to Blender and get lost everytime something doesn’t go as usual.

Adding a screenshot:

Did you disable snapping?

It does not work well with it nor without it :frowning:

And when I took this screen, snapping settings were exactly like in the tutorial video

When you cannot snap the icing on the donut there is something wrong. Check the settings.
To fix the hidden part change viewmode to wire to see the hidden vertices.
It it not helps upload the .blendfile, so we can take a look at it.

Can you show the snap settings?