Problems with Modelling [Human Head]

Hi so today, I started modelling a basic human head basemesh.

But being very new to poly by poly modelling or of any other sort, I’ve run into a coupla problems. I hope you can help me with them.

This is how my mesh looks like right now. I haven’t filled in the ear.

This is how it’s supposed to look like.

I also do not know how to complete the skull. I’ve run into a very big rut :

Also if it helps, a sketchfab model :

I’m hoping anyone can help me or give me some tips. [P.S] I’ve already checked out CGCookie’s tuts, didn’t help me much :o

The topology is not right.

You have face loops around the mouth, around the eyes and from under the jaw to on top of the head. What’s missing are face loops

  • from the jaw to the bridge of the nose
  • from jaw to the forehead
  • from under the jaw to the back of the head (turning on the temple)
  • around the ear
  • around the nose
  • from the neck to the clavicle attaching point in front

And you have subdivision surface modifier before mirror modifier.

I’d suggest not to start modeling with such difficult subject, or if you are determined, watch the blendercookie tutorials again and watch more carefully.

It looks like you have your modifiers in the wrong order. Your mirror modifier should be on top, followed by the subsurf modifier. You probably have them in the opposite order.

JA12, seriously. You’re like the E-Bay sniper of Blender. :spin: