Problems with opacity in Substance Painter

Hello, I’m fairly new to Blender and I’m working on a Unity project. Currently I’m having problems with a model i’ve made for a bottle and a drinking glass.

All the normals of the model seem to work fine and the baking is smooth but when i try to use opacity to make a glass material in Painter some faces become completely transparent immediately while the remaining faces follow the opacity slider like normal.

I’ve tried every solution I could to fix the normals, which i thought was the problem but they seem fine.
I even tried making a new model but the same problem happened again. I’m stumped! :frowning:

If anyone could help me wrap my head around this I’d be grateful.

Here is the model in Substance Painter with low opacity

It looks as intended without opacity but as soon as I turn it on it looks like this.

A scene file would be helpful.

I can’t seem to attach it to the post since my account is new
but here is a google drive link for the Blender scene:

Everything looks fine with your normals. Turn off the specular highlights (in Unity) and see if that is more the look you are after.

This is what It looks like for me in SP.

Did you get this sorted?

I still couldn’t quite get the result i was looking for but it definitely helped, thank you! :slight_smile:

Happy to help!