problems with particle hair comb brush

wen entering to particle edit mode and use the comb brush behave like it lengthening the hair and distort the strand vertex
I’m trying to report the bug but the blender developer page give me an error this happen in official 2.71 and recent build
here is an screen and blend file

blend file:
boda_hair test.blend (1.45 MB)

I opened the file in 2.71 and in 2.69 and I can confirm the weird behavior, furthermore, if you hit Free Edit in the physics panel the hair resets though settings remain grayed out and the ‘Free Edit’ and ‘Disconnect Hair’ buttons disappear until you start to edit hair again in particle mode.
Something is buggy here, I don’t know what, sorry.


can you fill a bug please the bug report page don’t let me report it, it give me an error

and thanks for take the time to test

can you tell on which version of blender did you create the file, and if deleting the particle setting and making a new one the issue persists?


I made an attempt to open a bug report but at the moment of submit it, I had this error message:

Unhandled Exception (“PhabricatorApplicationTransactionValidationException”)

Validation errors: - The selected edit policy excludes you. Choose a edit policy which allows you to edit the object.

May anybody help to explain the issue, please?


Turn on “keep lengths”

where, please?


May someone give a little more explicit suggestion about the error mentioned in the submitting the bug?

It’s a pity that a bug cannot be reported for a stupid lack of information and the inability of a newbie like me.


I don’t think that’s a bug.

Change the brush type to ‘None’.
Enable Keep Length
Change brush back to comb.

Organic, you are right!!
Not even need to switch to None, it suffices to enable Keep Length, I would have to think about it!!

Well, a pointless bug report avoided.

Thank you,