Problems with Particles(Hair) & Vertex Group

Hi, this is a question based on a face that I’m busy modeling…

I have my face modeled, but I have a problem when I want to create hair, because when I tell the particles to emit from a certain vertex group, it does’nt just take that specific vertex group, but also the vertices/faces around it…

I have used a basic subdivided plane to demonstrate the problem. You will notice that the hair extend much further than just the selected mesh vertices.

I have solved this in the past by creating duplicates of the of the selected vertices/faces and moving them just far enough back so that it is underneath the skin, but that causes a lot of prolems when you start animating the face and also just in general!

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Use weight painting to adjust the influence of the vertex group on the adjoining faces.