Problems with posting

Hi guys,

I’m trying to post a response to a thread in the compositing section, but I keep on getting the error that I can’t post more than once within 30 seconds. This would be fine if I had posted within 30 seconds, as I’d just wait and then post, but I haven’t.

I’m a bit dubious as to if this will actually get through, fingers crossed :confused:

I’m not sure what happened there. We’ll look into it, but chances are good that perhaps you did some kind of action that caused the forum software to think you were posting twice. I haven’t seen it very often, and hopefully it remains a rare occurrence. If you run into it again, please try to contact someone on the mod team directly.

Hi Fweeb, thanks for the response. Don’t think I did anything weird, but Safari might have been in Private mode, not sure if that would have made a difference. Will try again now…