problems with rigging and skinning

Hi all

I’m new on here, so bear with me…

I have had some trouble over the past few days with a model I created for a college project.

The model itself is ok, but when I created the armature and went into pose mode to move the models limbs about the following happens.

I have inverse kinematics applied to the lower bone in the legs and the bone in the hands, as the online tutorial specified.

I have also got sub division surface applied to the model.

Any help would be brilliant. I have also tried weight painting the model with the same effect.

I m a noob too and had the same prob … I was suggested to watch some tutorials on weight painting … U need it too

Post the blend file for immediate and accurate help. Make sure you have only one armature modifier. Make sure you painted the weights properly.

LEGOMAN_FRIDAY.blend (1.04 MB)

this is the before weight painting.

the model moves but leaves some vertices behind.

I must have deleted the weight painted version out of frustration :mad:


tried uploading earlier but here we go now…

I have attached the blender file above but can’t find the one I weight painted… I probably deleted it out of frustration.

Anyway, this is what I have now, the movement is their, but their are vertices moving with the armature for some reason.