Problems with rotating and creating the desired animation.

Hello people,

I have a question in the form of a video, because it is easier to understand what is meant if I show it directly in Blender. Would be very grateful for the help. Many thanks in advance.

the first is that you are rotating in all axes at ones,
try hotkey: r z a blue line represent the rotationaxis press z twice will switch to local,

the second problem is i guess that you rotate the cube to the desired angle
but then not set the rotation to zero.
all axes are preloaded with a value. that’s why the cube is skewed

So before you animate you can set the rotation to zero,
“object apply rotation” now all axes are at zero and you can/need only animate the z-rotation.
the examples show different approaches,
I avoid the problem by installing a dummyobject for each axis, then I can exactly calculate the angle (603.8 KB)

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many many thanks! :star_struck:

I will now deal with it.

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