Problems with simple tutorial

I purchased a great book on animation and I’m working through the face modeling tutorial. For some reason, each time I get modeling going, I manage to make my verts unable to move on the X axis. I’m making a plane, mirroring it, and then working on extruding the verts per the book. Each time I finish the side profile and move to do the lips, my verts refuse to move on the correct axis, they act as if locked to one. Suggestions on what I’ve screwed up? :slight_smile:

BTW, the Book is Mullens Intro to Character animation, awesome so far.

Are you using the mirror modifier? If yes, make sure the do clipping is turned off.

Ya know…The book mentions that option and I thought it said to turn it on. Heh, Lemme try that again. Thanks for the tip!

Yep, works like a champ now, thank ya!