Problems with steps to animation/ Rigging

Hello, I’ve been trying to follow this tutorial to make animations with my sword and, sheath. However, due to this problem that you are seeing in the image (the sheath is not following the bone as efficiently as the katana did), I was unable to proceed. Could someone, looking at the tutorial, and see this image, be able to guess, or, identify what was my mistake?

Hi, please upload a blend file it may be quicker for someone to see what’s wrong by looking at your rig.

Here is.
Sorry for delay.

If the link doesnt work try this:

Select the sheath and check the vertex groups in object data properties. Those are the weights being assigned to bones (enter weight paint mode to see them). As you can see the sheath has weights from the entire rig, and even though most of them are empty, some of them are not : three bones in the spine and one bone from the thigh influence it.

You should delete every vertex group except for “DEFINITION_BAINHA” : lock it, then click “delete all unlocked” from the dropdown menu.

Hmm Let me see it

Yeah!!! You are right…!
Maybe before do all the new process i forget to clear parents with some bone that i had attached with the sheath.
Sorry about any english gramatical error. I have better portuguese as language.
But thanks a lot. Now i can keep going with the tutorial.

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