Problems with supcom-import scripts

Hi there!
Well, I (and the whole supcom community), we are having some BIG problems with the beta ex- and importer for blender, it messes up the textures and animations, mirrors the UVs and so on.
So, we are looking for a good python scripter who can fix it for us! This would be really great, you would make many hundreds of supcom modders using blender happy!
Thank you!

PS: the link for the import and export scripts is that:
headers can be downloaded here:

Noone? Oh please, come on

did you ask the original authors first?

Written by dan -, Brent ( 2007-03-18

seems not too old.

he doesnt seem to be interested in the script, for him, supcom turned out into a game he didnt want anymore
thats why I am asking you, hoping for competent scripters who could do this for a whole community

I can work around most of the problems, (with the exception of the screwed up animations) but whenever I try to import some of the models (summoner, chariot, monkeylord, etc) blender just crashes. I have no knowledge of python and can’t figure out how to even begin going about fixing this. As previously stated, could someone please make an update for the script?

(btw, here is the official info for the supcom file format if it helps)