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Hello. Another novice-question. Please don’t kill me. I tried to model a part of a violin but it turnes out more difficult than I expected. I’m very verzweifelt 'cause i don’t know why it looks like it does when i watch at it in z-shaded. I want to achieve a smooth surface and not some volcanoes…Here’s how i have proceeded: 1. ADD>CURVES>Bezier-Circle, 2. shaping of the surface, using a background-picture as reference, 3. ADD>CURVES>Bezier-Circle, ALT-D three times to cut the four holes out of the bigger circle, 4. Join Objects in EDIT-Mode,5. Extrude once to give the part some thickness, 6. ADD>Lattice u,v,w-3,3,2, 7. deform Lattice
After that i wanted to look at the part and found out it looks strange.
What have i done wrong. I could not find any hints neither in the Blender-Guide nor in the german blenderbuch.
Hope somebody can help…
Thank’s a lot, Gregor
Sorry, I have no(!) Homepage but I do have e-mail(!!). Please feel free :wink: to answer and I will e-mail my file to any expert.

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this question should be posted to Q&A forum…

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I’m so sorry. I’ll post it as you sugested.
Greetings, “some people”.