Problems with the default scene

Hey guys

I wanted to change my midle mouse button to pan and so i went and changed it then went save default settings but i have a feeling it saved the model i was working on there too. because now when i open up blender my model is there and i don’t no how to get it back to the default cube again and its really annoying me.

Help anyone???

Start up Blender. Delete the model you were working. Then ADD>MESH>CUBE to get the default cube back. Then press “CTRL+U” to save the user defaults.


ah thanks. im a bit weird sometimes but would anyone happen to want to save the default scene so that i can reset it as my defaults? it’d be great if you would.


Reinstall Blender.


You could also just go to your Blender program directory then, go to the “.blender” directory and locate the file named “.B.blend”. This is the Blender defaults file. When you press Ctrl-U to save default settings, this is the file they are written to. When Blender starts, this is the file that loads. Deleting it will cause Blender to create a new defaults file (with the original settings) the next time you load Blender.

-delete double-

thanks a ton. its much better than my imitation default scene:D