Problems with the smoke simulator in 2.6

I’m running Blender 2.62 and I’m trying to follow Andrew Price’s tutorial on realistic fire, but something seems to be wrong with the smoke simulator. Everything runs fine until step 6, when he says to increase the divisions to 80. The simulator works great with 32, but when I change it all the particles stay at the plane and don’t go up at all. I’ve baked this THREE TIMES each with an HOUR of time, and it STILL won’t work. Any suggestions?

I have a problem in smoke simulation too but i think i am doing something wrong. after adding a smoke domain then a plane with particles system and a smoke flow, the smoke do not appear, i do not know why. Do you know?

No, I’ve had the same problem. Have you set the emission values? If not, you’re going to have to do some research.

Maybe you can give me a blend file or file a bug report in the blender tracker? :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is a bug. When you change the resolution value, you’re increasing the resolution of the simulation. If you think about it, the higher the resolution, the more particles you’d need to fill the same space (like how your desktop icons get smaller when you increase your monitor’s resolution, more pixels are required to fill the same amount of space).

Try bumping up the particle amount. If you’re going from 32 to 80, you’ll want to at least double it.

If it’s still giving you problems, try increasing the “normal” amount for the particles, which will increase the starting speed of each particle. You also want to make sure that the smoke sim is taking this into account (with the flow object selected, go to physics and make sure use velocity is selected).

You can also try turning off gravity in the particle simulator…

And, check the generator object to make sure that the normals are pointing up…

There’s some great fire & smoke tutorials by Gottfried on BlenderDiplom:

~blurredmotion: Thanks for the advice, but I’m pretty sure I set the particle amount to at least 1,000, and it works fine with lower values so I don’t see how it could be the gravity. I will try the simulator again as soon as I can, though, and use your advice, but the version I had (2.62) had glitched out and refused to open without crashing shortly after this problem, so it may very well be a bug. I will also see the link ASAP.

~genscher: Unfortunately, I don’t think I saved the .blend before I ran the simulation, and it crashed. Also, I don’t want to report it until I’m sure it’s a bug. I’m fairly sure it’s user error…

it was a in vga driver

Try moving your flow object farther away from the domain edges. If it’s too close, it will not emit smoke. It may need to be at least 1 blender unit away from the boundaries before it will generate it.