Problems with the Unwrapp in Blender 2.63

Hello everyone. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but, I really need an answer for my problem.

Let me explain, I have joined a human head and a torso and I started to mark the seams in the final mesh, according some tutorials that I have seen in blender cookie and youtube. However, when I unwrapp the torso of the human figure this happens:

Plus to it, blender tells me that “object is not 1.0”, so I apply scale in object mode, remove doubles and recalculate normals, but when I unwrapp it again the same thing happens.

What I found strange is that when I unwrapp the same human figure with Blender 2.49 (with the same location of seams), Blender unwrapp it in the way I want.

In other words, what am I doing wrong in blender 2.63??. I want to unwrapp it in blender 2.63 (I seriously don’t know how to handle things in blender 2.49).

If tis is not hte place to ask, please tell me where, because I’m stuck in this problem 2 weeks.

Thank you.

In blender 2.64 have you tried changing the unwrap method from Angle Based to Conformal to see if that helps ?
Change this in the toolshelf or F6 after you have unwrapped.

You could also try pinning vertices on the objects centreline and then unwrapping again.

Actually, I changed the method from anle based to confromal and no luck. Let me see if pinning vertices do the work

EDIT: All right. Something “strange” happened. I decide to erase the Uv map and start again. Before I unwrapp the model I hit F6 in the UV/Image editor and removed an option that said something like “link to seams” (I honestly don’t remember what it said) but when I unwrapp my model and changed the method to angle based, the model was unwrapped correctly.