Problems with turning AVIs into mpgs.

(greg) #1

Hi. I’m having truble with turning my AVIs that blender spits out into MPG animation files. I was refered to avi2mpg.exe for windows, and when trying to run that with the command line :

 "avi2mpg1.exe basic.avi"

I get the error message :

 "could not retrieve video stream from basic.avi!"

what file formats would one use for MPG encoding, or is there something that I’m missing?


(cohort) #2

go download a copy of TMPGEnc from their website:

I have never had a problem converting AVIs from blender (using the AVI JPEG setting) with TMPGEnc.

(greg) #3

Well, I tried that and I get the error :
“File “Z:\data1\mpg\basic.avi” can not open, or unsupported.”
Don’t question the path; I’ve triple-checked it already.
Which format do you use? Plus, does TMPGEnc allow you to use the MPG for public use (like on the IRTC - ) ?

(CurtisS) #4

I have a older AVI to MPEG converter in my web site downloads section. I’ts always worked pretty well for me.

(greg) #5

Sorry, that didn’t work either. Two more things :

1 : the link to the encoder has an ‘e’ in mpg ( it shouldn’t be there)


(cohort) #6

TMPGEnc allows public use… They restrict commercial use… Here’s their license:

(Timonides) #7

I am not sure but there was an old problem with Blender’s avi due to codec issues, but it’s supposed to be solved…

Just in case (it my sound silly…) but I have to ask you some questions in order to understand the nature of your problem…

  1. What version of Win do you have???
  2. Can Your windows media player actually play your avi’s???
  3. Which version of Blender do you have???
  4. Which format are you saving your animations aviraw, or avijpeg???

Perhaps this is not your case, but it sure sounds like you don’t have the apropriate codecs installed in your machine…

In case it matters I save my animations as avijpeg… then I combine them into small movies in an external video editing program (MainActor…) and then use the built in capabilities of that program to export the movie to mpeg…


(CurtisS) #8

Sounds like you may be rendering as AVI JPEG. You will need to have the AVI Jpeg codec loaded to use it. You could try rendering as AVI Raw though the file sizes are huge but it has the best quality.

I still have the JPEG AVI codec archived here: