Problems with UV Mapping

This is my first model in a 3D program (thank goodness for open source, and what a community!), and I’ve been having trouble getting all the faces to map. I know there are other problems with the model (e.g., the massive seam and extra pointy chin), but I did a little test to see if I would understand how to map the texture when the time came, and I ran into trouble.

The shadowy sections at the corner of the mouth look odd in editing, fine in rendering, but then disappear in the UV Face Select window (see screenshots below). I can select the “missing” faces, adding them to the UV/Image Editor, but the image doesn’t map back to the face.
Is this a bug or user error? If it’s my fault is it too late to fix it? Thanks in advance for any help!

Those are just some faces where the normals got flipped to the inside. Select all verts and hit Cntrl+N to recalculate them. If it still refuses to fix itself, then you probably have some doubled verts or something. Select all and hit W then 6 on keyboard to get rid of those.

Thanks so much!!! Can’t wait to get back on the saddle with this one.

I would like to congratulate you on this face. It is hard to believe this is your first 3d model very nice work you are a natural.

Thank you, oldskool! I mostly just followed an excellent tutorial on this site (A Better Face Tutorial V 1.1), but modified the points to follow my sketches. I’ve only worked in 2d so far, and I had a character I wanted to try to bring to life with 3d once I found Blender, so I thought I’d dive in.

It’s really nice to get a compliment … just starting out can make you feel pretty insecure about posting your work, even if it’s just to ask for technical help. :o