Problen whit Cyles lighting

Hi guys i have a problem with lighting in cycles, i want to have a white light in all my scene but in the top the light shows yellow, how i can correct this?

*I use hdr to iluminate, and my top image are white


this is the render

Is there a slight yellow tinge in the ceiling material by any chance, in some cases, even slight hues can really show up under certain conditions?

Also check the color values for the HDRI, it might show as white in the image, but that’s only because the color values are above 1 (so if you had a value of 10,10,7, you would actually have a color tinge in the lighting).

If not that, then check the tonemapping settings (a number of camera presets have a bias towards yellow).

Looks like an issue with the ceiling material to me. The reflection in the floor material is white.

To be honest - would you even have glossy reflections on a ceiling. I haven’t seen too many ceilings covered in a glossy material. It looks odd.