Problens with Glass in Cycles

Good morning everyone
I’m new in the world of CG and need help.
My tumbler is horrible. Has anyone had this problem?

Double check you set Color to white (1,1,1) for glass node.
Set “Min bounces” same as “max bounces”, it will turn off russian roulette, and at least 6 or even more to penetrate all surfaces.

Thank for the color and bounce tips. Help so much, but it isn’t good enough. I changed table glass to gloss too.

You need more Samples. (“Sampling” panel). This way the image becomes less noisy.

Could you be more specific please? I’m really new at this.

In your first Screenshot image on the right side, there is a "Sampling " panel. In the right column you find:
Render: 10
Preview: 10

Increase the “Preview” Samples to get a better result in the 3D View, and increase the “Render” samples for F12 (final) renders.