Procedural animation system

(Kid Tripod) #1

i’m going to do a project to implement a simple procedural tree which ultimately will facilitate animated booleans. it will consist of a framework in which modules, which can take a number of meshes as input and produce one as output, operate in a tree, until producing a root which is the final mesh to be rendered, or ouput to a mesh in the modeller. some of the modules i’ll want to write (as i think that will be the hard bit) will be
the booleans
catmull-clark sudivision

not wanting to reinvent the wheel, has anyone done these as python operations (unlikely some of the ones that are blender native although i think i saw CC subsurfaces)? and would anyone be up for writng some? (i was planning on adapting code from for things like booleans)


(Ahmaud_R_Te) #2

well a few months ago i started discussing a procedural animation system based off of some stuff i read about a system called AL with Zarf and Chris Clawson. You might want to talk to either one of these guys as they both are very interested in animation tools.