Procedural arrow-like stripes material

I’m trying to model this mosaic in blender.

Two of them will be a bit hard - glitter one and those stripes.
As for now I have this:

But it’s nowhere near the desired effect :confused:
Any tips?

Look at the bottom stripy one in the center column. This is what you want to achieve, from a 0<y<1 range - your objective is to form that S-shape. You want to manipulate the coordinates; something like x=x and y=y+f(x) or something. It looks trigonometric (?). Then you want to mirror those coords over y=0. Map stripes or whatever to those newly bent coords. Using a full UV 0-1 range is probably the easiest; then use one UV map for the 0-1 texture lookup space and another one for collapsed points with some random offset which you just add to the other UVs (UV; lightmap pack, then scale all “islands” to single points).

I can’t help much more.