Procedural camoflage change the colors

hello guys and sorry that the title is difficult to understand - i dont have a clue what to do inside to describe the problem.

i am actually building a material library for texturing game asset. here i was running into a problem when i created a procedural camoflage texture. somehow during this process the colors get altered and i have no clue why. maybe someone has a solution.

upper picture show on the left the tri-colored camoflage. on the right side 3 object which have in theory the exact same colors applied as u see in the camoflage object but they are unfortunately very different.

so i want to understand “why” this is happening and second how i can resolve it in a way that the camoflage object show the colors that i have applied to it.

thank you for your help

As far as I can see, no color is taken. If you hang a ColorRamp behind the last mix (right) and set it to constant you only have to choose your favorite color.

color is made in the mix node which is connected to the group input node (on the left).

and as i said the input is the same like the 3 knobs on the right side of the camoflage knob, but they are completely different

As you describe it and as it looks like in the screenshot it should work correctly. I meant this:

Maybe I see the problem when I see all the material.

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at first thank you for you time and the answer. if u look above at the picture u see all u need to see. for example the button in the right has the same (hex code) like the dark color on the camoflage. but when u look closely it appears very different. i tried it by moving the button next to the camoflage and there it becomes very obvious. it seem to be a completely different color . in the camoflage its kind of brown while the button is more taupe/grey. the same thing with the other colors

In Color Management, switch from Filmic to sRGB. Filmic does “tricks” to (bright) colors to allow the perception of a greater dynamic range.

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