Procedural debris with Debris Maker 2 (for MAX) - porting to Blender ?

Isn’t this awesome?

Is it possible to “port” it to Blender? What would something like that cost to make (with standard UI) ?

Not the interface, because making a custom interface with custom icons of different sizes and functions is like pulling teeth in Blender, but there’s nothing in the functionality of the addon itself that seems impossible with python at first glance.

Well, we don’t need to have everything custom. Standard interface it fine.

I probably should post this in Paid Work section.

I’ll go ahead and move this thread for you, and you can put additional info in the main post.

Yes, it’s possible. All the deformer effects could either be coded manually (expensive, though possibly more expandable) or make use of the existing modifier system (easier to code, but you’re limited by what modifiers can do), or a mix of both.

I’d be keen on working on this, shoot me a mail (greg [at] if you’re interested :slight_smile: Would make sense to keep it modular like in the video, allowing more features to be added later and by anyone.


Pigeon module, lol. But, yes I can see how this could be useful.

If you’re not interested in paying potential devs, you probably shouldn’t say “I probably should post this in Paid Work section.”

@@m9105826: What makes you think I am not interested? Being interested and having the funds are two different things and this project is massive. I corresponded to Greg Zaal and I wouldn’t be able to pull it all by myself.

It would be amazing if somebody improved it, or maybe You can make it in Java or C language and then make connection with Blender :slight_smile: