Procedural Drip Marks (Cycles / Eevee)

I’ve seen some ides on how to achieve this with streched noise textures as masks but this is a different approach which uses a fine Noise texture to directionally blur your rust patch masks to create drip marks that automatically follow your procedurally generated rust patches/ holes whatever.

I wasn’t able to make the drip marks stronger without affecting the shape of them so far, maybe someone has an idea how to improve this. I’ve used crazy colors to make it clear what is what:

Procedural Drip Marks 01.blend (1004.4 KB)


Looking at the other thread I’ve found that by using Math Minimum nodes with multiple noise patterns (I vary the scale) I can strenghten the streaks. Varying the noise patterns is important, because of all layers of the streaks are using the same noise pattern - they are not going to reinforce. I believe this is because it’s a very fine fuzz of low and high values which are only evened out thought oversampling and no matter how highs some values are - if there are not covering enough area - they will always be very faint.

This is all based on fuzzing the Z component of Object Texture coordinates using very fine noise, and it creates these strange effects I’d call a “fuzzy texture phenomenon”.

I wish we could have some spatially aware blur node that’d let us do all of this in a proper continuous way, rather than using these fuzzy, delicate hacks :slight_smile:

Here’s how I used this in a real project: