procedural for gravel

anybody as seen some procedural texture to make
gravel from 1/2 Inch to 1 1/2 inch in diameter
i know that i could use some pic to show it but i would prefer to ahve some
internal texture to do it !


One thing is several or more musgrave textures each a different color, you set the noise type to Voronoi, set the oct. level to 8, and set the nabla value to 0.002 for very sharp bumpmapping.

Also use colorband to get high constrast, don’t use the sliders as only colorband affects the bumpmapping.

yap i’ll trynit but a sample file would be very nice if you can

thre are so many ways to get the procedurale texture and so many variables
that it’s almost guess work to get it right the first time


if i keep the scale down around 1 then i get a better 3D effect from NOR
but by scaling i loose the 3D effect?

anything against that ?