Procedural Glittery Snow Material in Blender EEVEE

Learn how to make snow that glitters in the light.


Interesting part starting at 5:58, I will experiment with that.

Update: That works indeed that part with the noise texture, separate- and combine RGB, and also just distorting UV simply with a procedural texture. This way we can at least use the noise texture without the pixelated bump artifacts. Loads of possibilities.

Another update:
After some experiments, it seems that the node setup with the noise-texture and seperate RGB is not a replacement for normal map. That is what I hoped, but it seem to mess up some normals. Do you know a way to make a procedural noise texture plug-able into the normal socket of the principled shader? We are missing the blue channel, right?

Its a faked normal map. It doesn’t seem to break (badly) for the instance in which I used it. There’s probably some simple trick to make normal maps procedurally, but I don’t know of it, unfortunately. I just wish the bump map didn’t turn so pixelated when you have finer details.