Procedural gradient sphere tile

Thank you for your help

I actually wanted to do this with: gradient texture.
and randomize the position and size (in x / y) of the circle.

Unfortunately I do not think you can map a texture individually to each brick (I wish you could!).

With brick tricks there is the rounded corners option and you can get a circular gradient for each brick from that by cranking up the feather slider. To randomize the size of the bricks I think the best option is to play with the global vectors. I have tried to do a stone wall like this before.

Brick tricks is free an add-on you can look it up It gives you a few more possibility for brick patterns and shapes.


Maybe @DNorman has the best solution.Its not that easy to me to get this right.I think this is a case for Erindale who is a expert with very complex node setups.

However here another build,not with gradient but with good old voronoi.If you want to make boulderbricks.

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do you have a link to this brick node?

I searched a lot and didn’t find

Brick trick is by LazyDodo

There is a link to github in the first post.

what node is this: distance?

It’s a vector math node, distance mode outputs a float value of the distance between the two input vectors

as for these nodes that install as an addon
like the: BrickTricks-master you gave me

do you suggest any?

is there enough nodes that you install as an addon?
Where can I find ?

You mean something like this?

Thank you for your help

it is possible to increase the space between the circles randomly
and slightly deform their shape?

and scale x / y to deform on these axes?

what is the basis for the use of the vector channel?
I saw that it is used a lot and I didn’t understand the function

and node math? is it the same or similar to the: RGB mix?

If you search this forum you will find a few that have been shared (more like node groups and setups than add-ons).

One I always recommend is this one:

It gives you node inputs for the colour and position inputs of the colour ramp and you can do lots of fun things with it. Together with brick tricks it is my one of my favourites.

There are some commercial add-ons like “Grungit”

If you are interested in commercial add-ons

check out Blender Market and search materials, texturing, or node groups etc.

To answer this

Yes it is possible in many ways. If you look the example I posted earlier I have randomized the shape a bit with a noise texture, if not the gradients would just be circular.
I recommend you watch a few tutorials on nodes as there are many possibilities.
Sooner or later you will want to understand more about how nodes work and what they do.
This conference is excellent and will help you understand how vectors can be manipulated;

in the case of using a procedural texture as a voronoi in the vector channel:

the white area is where is the position of the circular gradient?

Like this?


can you refer me to a website for me to learn how to manipulate the vector channel like you do?


I have learnt the skill by playing around with nodes and exploring the web. But, there are a few tutorials I can recommend-

By Lance Phan ( YouTube)-

  1. Node insanity made sane
  2. 2D VS 3D textures
  3. Space time manipulation part 1 & 2


  1. PRO-CEDURAL series

The book of shaders is useful if you are bit more advanced. It is a bit on the programmer side but if you understand the blender shaders you will be able to learn a lot from this one.

And there is the development thread on devtalk of OmarSquircleArt. He improve a lot of nodes a couple of years ago and posted a whole bunch of interesting examples:

is it possible to increase the resolution of a procedural map?

You mean the number of circles?