Procedural help for a hexagonal pattern

Hi All, does any one know how I can make this pattern procedurally, I have found loads of hexagon things to buy however they dont randomize the triangles like the above. Any ideas would be most helpful.

I once made a triangle pattern that could be a basis for this: Triangle_Texture.blend (1.4 MB)

I admit, it’s probably a little bloated for what you wanna do, but it has a random output and probably everything else you could need to make something like your picture.

For basic brightness variation you can use the Random fac output and mix it into a texture with a Mix RGB node set to multiply or overlay.
Or you can use it to mix entirely different textures/materials. I’ve outlined to approaches to choosing random textures, either from different image texture node or from a single texture atlas, in another topic:

I hope this is helpful, even though it’s not super specific to your issue. :slight_smile: If you have further questions, I can go into more detail once I have a bit more time on my hand.


OMG! This will do the job nicely thank you. I have made three different masks using the colour ramps that are connected to the random fac. This allows me to put three differenc carpet textures in each of the triangles. Thank you so much for this!

can you show the nodes set up for the 3 colors

happy bl

Sure thing, although i slightly deviated from the above…

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