procedural leather textures using the PBR shader

I’ve found it hard to make procedural textures using the PBR shader, and stuff like leather and scaly skin in particular I’m not entirely sure on how to do.

Anyone have any tips or tricks to share?

Good reference and looking at it closely is the key, I think. Also learn to use the tools available to you and the terminology as well. One cannot create ‘procedural textures’ using ‘the PBR shader’. One can create textures for shaders (including shaders that are used in physically based rendering) combining more basic procedural textures.

maybe a good start.the whole thread has usefull shaders in it.

some free materials

@pixelgrip, I tried to follow along with the first link, but the pictures are way too small to work with.

@MartinZ, so then how would I refer to them as then?

you can download the materials from link 1 here

I mean, the idea is to create more complex textures out of the basic procedural textures that are available. It does not matter what shader you are using. There is no different workflow for creating procedural textures for Principled BSDF or ‘the PBR workflow’, you just use real reflectance values for brightness then as opposed to screen referred, but the hard part of coming up with combinations and layers of basic textures remain the same. I also mean that terminology is important. One does not make textures out of PBR shaders. If you are asking how you should refer to specifically textures common in the PRB workflow, I would recommend being specific and referring to them by their names. There are many different types of textures, it will benefit you to name the ones you are struggling with specifically when you are asking for help.

Well that’s the thing, I don’t know what you mean by that, and it’d help if you actually reminded me what textures I’d have to refer to next time.

Because I suck at using the terminology, any pointers you could give me to use those terms better then? Or do I have to learn by myself in this case? Because I’m only going to either forget them instantly, or never learn them from the get go.

Does this help:

leather.blend (6.12 MB)