Procedural materials for rocks and landscapes

Is it difficult to make these procedural color variations materials with blender cycles
Like this made with vue from eon .
He use only some procedural color variations mixed together with procedural bumps but with no displacement added to the sphere.

To me, this is just noise… And I love to play with noise. :eyebrowlift: I made 2 quickies:

Procedural colors. Checked! Procedural bump map. Checked! For me, the answer to your question is no. :wink: With a bit of experimentation (almost) anything is possible.

The blend file for this image: Forum Noisy Textures.blend (149 KB)

Explore, destroy, re-build… Have fun! :smiley:

Problem is always knowing when to stop :smiley: and remembering the render time is increasing with each layer of noise…

Thanks kaluura for making the procedural materials , excellent starter file for me for learning how to make some of these materials