Procedural Obsidian/Crystal Material (Download)

Hi! I just made 100% procedural Obsidian (or something like that :smile:) material in Blender 2.8. Idea behind the project was to test blender procedural texturing possibilities. And blender is capable to do many nice things in that area!

Material is not using any UV by default. Rendered in cycles using micropolygon displacement. Final nodegroup have many parameters to tweak. To use material in Eevee you have to bake textures (Eevee doesn’t supports micropolygon displacement for now :frowning:).

If somebody is interested in testing out material or checking out node setup then link to download is on my Artstation. Also more shoots and GIF’s (to big file sizes to upload on BA :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Wow, this is Amazing! Needs more stuff like that! :smiley:

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I am really getting the feeling that blender just needs a little easy gateway
(simplified UI something) to those procedural magic nodes to really challenge that substance domination.
The knitter addon, this and other procedural awesomness gets me hungry for more…

Kudos !

Jarek D(DJ)


Thanks! Yeah I feel the same. A few more tools and simplified UI then we are at home :smiley:


You’re #featured! :+1:

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Dam… this is good to see. I hate textures, so any fully procedural work is of the highest interest to me.

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Nice Thumb up!!! Very good job!

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really amazing !!!

i wonder what the nodes and the scene setup looks like !
but the result is just… Oo wow !

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Wow, really nice result!

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This is fantastic! Blown away that everything’s procedural.

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You can download it from the link above and see for yourself.

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This certainly makes you ponder, “how do these crystals form in nature?” Of course we already know that some pretty-exotic fractals-based math plays a big role in a lot of natural processes, but all of these CG “crystals” are extremely plausible. If you told me that these were photographs of natural specimens, I would be inclined to believe you. “CG in the service of Science.”


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks Bart and everybody! :smiley: :hear_no_evil:

you very welcome !!!

awesome work deserves our applauses :wink:

hmmm do you think… ( i confess this question is somewhat interrested :stuck_out_tongue: as am always demanding and curious… ) it would be possible to model streets cobblestones ( with all the fantastic details, moss in seams, dirt, irregularity, etc… ) the way you do it in your obsidian stone ?
map it on a plane and then bake it to a diffuse/disp/AO seamless maps ?

I mean… make procedural materials repeating but seamlessly x))

some time ago i worked on making noise textures seamless. and i used those as moss ‘control textures’ for roofs baking… hmm i think i got a link here…
i love procedural things but they are not realtime-render-compatible :wink:
and i got lot of fun playing for making them as realistic as possible but targetted to realtime rendering…
----> textures

hear from you soon :wink:

and again… congratz !!! your work is just stunning !

happy blending !

All I can say is wow. Good job