Procedural padded sofa material

Hey guys I was trying to make a padded sofa material similar to these:-

And here’s what I got from fiddling around in blender:-

I was hoping yall could help me improve this. I’m sure it would help everyone in the community. Have a nice day!

Here’s the blendfile:-ProceduralCushion Retrax57.blend (391 KB)

ooh fun one:
Bild proceduralcushion_bafupkuj.png auf

May you have as much fun picking it apart as I did putting it together: ProceduralCushion_BAFK.blend (79 KB)

edit: fixed image link.

I made a similar one a long time ago, but I discarded it because it was getting messy. I tried to find the blend last night but couldn’t find it. Great work man, thank you.

By creating enough groups like this we could easily have a substance like tool-set at hand within blender no problem.

I created a thread a while back to explore exactly this type of thing.

Except using that mapping node is very cumbersome, better to develop own custom mapping chain as I did, but then you have to understand the math of it. Unless you chose to just use groups made by others I guess, but wheres the fun in that, right? :wink:

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could also be made real topo using modifiers

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How ? With displacement ? I don’t think the displacement modifier accepts nodes.

I think he means with array modifier.

use of array and curve modifier
been done before
but I cannot find the link for model I did on forum!
might be part of something else

then you could always bake it I guess

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found an older one here
but same idea with real topo

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Honestly, doing it with the shader is quicker, but only if you already have the shader in your asset library, the one I provided can easily be plugged into a bump node for normalmap too though it might be better to either change the node from quadratic sphere to simply sphere or plug a rgb curve node after the group to control the shape in finer detail.

all the bumps / Nor map wont give a much deep 3D effects and function of angles too
always limited as a 3D effect unless it is the only way to represent it for Game engine

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Same scalar you plug into bump nodes height field can be used for displacement too.

Bild proceduralcushion_bafepkpt.png auf

Bild proceduralcushion_bafn6ja3.png auf

ProceduralCushion_BAFK_2.blend (75.2 KB)

Some time ago I made this )

I see there’s dimples(for the lack of a better word) in the large squares. You might be able to get rid of those by using a rgb curve.

Thank you, I will consider for the future.