Procedural snake scales and cracked lava glow with nodes

(brainpain) #1

If someone has a cool procedural node setup for snake/reptile skin and cracked lava glow, it would be much appreciated. If possible with the ability to change the color and size of the skin/lava details.
Thanks! /B

(NeOmega) #2

the lava is easy, mix a voroni cell with a voroni intensity, and go from there.
snake skin, you are better off buying the hexagon material from blender market.

you can do lizard skin, like i did long ago, mixing up brick texture with white bricks/black mortar and no offset, then add some noise, try vector math with brick and distorted rings.

(brainpain) #3

Hi, thank you for replying. I’m not sure how to do the last part though,

“then add some noise, try vector math with brick and distorted rings.”

I’m not very experienced with nodes. You don’t happen to have a screenshot of the node setup?

Thanks! /B

(RickyBlender) #4

see these

happy bl

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That link didn’t resolve for me. Try this one:

(Quacker) #6

I did a procedural glowing lava material a while ago that you might find of use and build upon what you’re looking for (last one on the page):

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Big Thanks! @RickyBlender, @LoboTommy & @Quacker. Now i just need to get my greasy paws on some snake scale textures.