Procedural Snow with Particals

Hey guys,
been a long time reader of the forums (without an account) awesome stuff you all are posting.
I have a question and i cant seem to figure out the answere so maybe one of you can help.
Basically i want to have a quick way of simulating snow. My plan was to use particals to simulate where snow would fall but i cant figure out a workflow. The only tutorial and artical i could find was a 3dsMax one. So i suppose the question is “how can i do the same in Blender” - the max tutorial is 100% what i was looking for, but cant seem ro figure out how to do it in blender.

hope u guys can point me to any plugins or the build in way of getting there

Thanks for your help!

delete this please

Is it going to be animated? Is it for a large scene or just for one object? How detailed do you need the snow?
Depending on your needs, you may choose different approaches, or even mix some of them…

Particles set to fluid with a big viscosity can work for some scenes (maybe with metaballs); dynamic paint to produce a displacement map can also be used (by copying your objects, scale them just bit in the inside normal direction, and give them the snow material and the displacement); the dynamic paint can also be used to low scale snow just as a material effect; you can use just particles being generated in the direction your snow is coming (thought not really a simulation it can give a great result);

And you can script something new to generate the snow mesh.
There can be other ways, all with pros and cons, but it’s not impossible :wink:

As i was saying i want to do what he does in the max tutorial but in Blender.
I did end up finding an addon its called cubesurfer and works well!