Procedural Texture for Toon Sand suggestions?

Hello Community,

I have been looking for a way to replicate this 2D look in Blender for sand. I thought a procedural texture would be the way to go.

Things I have tried:

-Exporting an image and using that as a texture on a plane, but it just looks flat and boring.
-I tried to model the curves and color each plane different shades. That ended up being super tedious.

I am “hoping” I can use a wave procedural texture that allows me to color them sand colors and add some noise. But I am a noobie and there are tons of procedural textures out there to buy/download. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can start? Please see attached to get the idea of the look I’m after. I appreciate any feedback of course!

Are you going for the look or does it need to be a 2D texture?

If you are only trying to achieve an end result like the pictures you shared, you could try implementing a toon shader and model the dunes as actual geometry:

I played around with 1-D voronoi noise and achieved at least this here:

The idea is to generate a triangular pattern with random widths of the triangles using a 1-D Voronoi noise with the x coordinate as input and then to convert the triangles into half-circle shapes using the function sqrt(1-x^2). Stacking multiple setups of this type in y direction gives you the bands. Additionally, I distorted the input coordinates of each band with noise nodes.

Sand_dunes_1_v02.blend (137.5 KB)

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@LordoftheFleas Thank you so much for taking some time and putting that together! That is a smart approach to the problem I was having. I’ll take a look at your blend file.

I found another solution as well after more searching. I ended up tweaking this and it got me to a good place:

No problem, I was interested in the problem myself, and of course, those commercial shaders do look nice!