procedural texture sun test

some test with using procedural texture to create sun texture.

the effect is done by connecting texture nodes in varies combo.
I think I over complicated the nodes tho…


Ohhhh shiny!

It looks good. The general impression is OK. Perhaps the edges so white… look unexpected…

The edges of the Sun (or any star), called the “limb,” never brighten but always darken, because the oblique view there is through many more layers of gas than when looking straight down to the surface. Search “limb darkening” for a more thorough explanation.

^Thanks for the info. I will make some upgrade later.
Some more random texturing for now

The second of the two above looks more appropriate for a gas giant like Jupiter than a star. I don’t know how the texture might animate but it does resemble the turbulence seen in the Jovian atmosphere’s bands.

not bad , have a look on the SOHO page

If you’re interested in trying your hand at an active chromosphere & prominences, this file I cooked up a few years ago might be helpful.

okay, I got distracted a little. back to the sun:
at this point I am just throwing thing to the wall and hope it works. If someone want to improve upon the nodes it will always be welcome :slight_smile:

-add in dark and white spot.

more update:

-replace the voronoi texture with noise texture in “white_spot” actually works better, it give it a more explosive look

I like the variation in color over the surface of the last image, and the hint of coronal glow. Stars with hot spots like this often have spectacular prominences as well, as these are all features of a very active star. Also, because they are often more massive than our rather small & tame Sun, many burn much hotter, giving them a blue color rather than much cooler yellow. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule – red super-giants like Betelgeuse have extremely varied surfaces and a great deal of activity, but the reddish color indicates a low surface temperature. Low for a star, that is.

Okay, making it brighter and testing using hair particle instead of emission

U need softer hairs

some more suns!!

Love the surface you’ve got here and the hair prominences work really well. Here’s a linkto my sketchbook with some close up coronal stuff, maybe its useful? Good for animating at least.