Procedural Wet Glass

Hey guys i’m back. I made this project about 3 weeks ago and wasn’t able to upload it until now as I went on holiday and arrived home yesterday. Anyway; I designed this procedural glass material. It is supposed to contain everything a wet glass would have such as: fog around the glass close to the edges of whatever liquid it contains, small water droplets where the fog is beginning to condense, larger droplets where the fog has condensed more, and streaks where the water droplets have slid off the glass itself. I will upload the material itself when I clean up the .blend file. I also modelled a lemon slice which itself has a procedural texture with pores and fruit sacs. I chose to leave it intentionally hidden as it would ruin the render as it admittedly looks fake on most angles. The composition here is quite simple as i wanted to show off the material itself mainly. I shall be posting more stuff similar to this; and i intend to create something a bit more moodier and darker, so as to see the material better.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank you so much :smile:

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Looks amazing, any change we could see your node setup?