Procedural Wood

Procedural wood. Fake GI.

A month back or so I was experimenting with procedural wood. I used an old fake GI scene’s lighting set up. I was going to throw out the .blend file. Maybe not…

I know the ring sizes are wrong but I still wanted to share.

looks pretty good.

hey thats pretty damn good procedurals =D

yeah thats really good =) the bottom of the cup is a lil odd though, but tweak tweak :wink:

Yup, good, I’d love to see a larger image :slight_smile:

You used a colorband or not on the procedural texture? If not, do so, makes great wood (If image were larger I could tell, with such a small one I can only guess you haven’t :wink: )


Thanks for all the replies. I will try to post a larger image with more shadow samples. The .blend file is on a different pc at the moment.

Anyone familiar with the Blender 2.0 guide might notice that I tired to emulate the wood procedural technique in the teturing section. I used ‘big ring’ and ‘small ring’ textures, and then a clouds texture for dark and light spots.

Does anyone no if its possible to create procedurals? I’m guessing scripting knowledge is required?

Anyway, thanks again.

Here’s the larger version I promised. Sorry for the low image quality.

Sure you can, theyare called ‘Texture Plugin’ and are compiled dinamic link libraries… I never managed tomake one… not even compile one already made :frowning:

In any case I would advice you to wait for source code/good doc release :wink:

nice loager pic :slight_smile: