Procedurally Textured Frog

I’ve sculpted and rigged this pacific chorus frog Psuedacris regilla as an exercise in many things: sculpting, retopology, rigging, blend shapes, the new asset browser. Fairly happy with how it turned out. The materials are controlled by a fairy low-poly (6.3K vert) model vertex paint (now called “color attributes” I guess), and the warts are a displacement with mixed voronoi. All the textures are easy to play with to get interesting variation.

Still has a distinctly procedural look but I’m happy with it. I think the eyes came out well.

To get procedural textures to stay in place on a deforming model you have to UV unwrap it anyway (unless there’s a different way?) so it’s perfectly ready to have a fancy image or PBR texture also.

Will probably release this on Blendswap with some generous license but meanwhile if you want to play with it (or improve it! It’s my first rig) I’ve attached the .blend here.
pacific_chorus_frog_Pseudacris (1.1 MB)

Thanks to @StrayBillie for the help when I messed up the shape key. The symmetry is still not entirely working but I don’t know how to fix that.


That’s quite cool !

Because it’s working quite well especially given that’s procedural and in many places patterns feels very natural , it would be awesome to put another level of very small details to push a little further the very good basis you get !

But that’s already a great achievement ! Keep up the good work !

There is another way, you can use generated texture coordinates, and if you want the same behavior of object coord you can disable auto-texture space :

All that said, multiples UV maps, and vertex colors can become very handy to get some patterns, for instance to put a texture in the border of the mouth or to give a direction …

Would be really interesting to add the missing bits to get a hyper-real feel, it’s quite close already !


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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