Processor do you recommend


which processor do you recommend to use with Blender to render with EEVEE of static images?

can be up to the price of: 391.80 Dollar

what is important in a processor for this use?
velocity ?

I use procedural textures in my images.


Ryzens are the best at the moment for Blendering. A high end Ryzen 5 or a low end Ryzen 7 would be good choices.

If you are rendering, and depending on if you are using Cycles or Eevee, you may want to chuck more money at a decent graphics card. Either an RTX or two high/mid-range regular GTX cards working together will allow you to chuck out those renders at warp speed.

if i want an intel, which one do you recommend?

I wouldn’t. Intel chips have a higher single-core rating, which is great for gaming, but if you are blendering, you are going to want that multicore edge. If you are going to be doing a lot of gaming in your downtime, then get an i7, something like a 10700. But the Ryzens still blow them out of the water on general benchmarks and they are cheaper too.

and what is the rule for Ryzen in this type of use?
the more expensive the price is the better?

They have a tier system like Intel chips. The Ryzen 5 series is roughly equivilent to the i5 series of Intel chips. Same as the Ryzen 7 is like the i7 series. R5 comes in different flavours and generations with more processing power and more cores. Same with the R7 series. Ryzen 7 has more more cores and more computing power.

OK. So ignore my earlier statement.

I upgraded my system about 6 months ago and I’ve checked since and the Ryzen 5 5800X and the Intel i7 10700K are pretty neck and neck at the moment. So, if you did want to go intel, you would be getting very similar bang and for (what prices I can see) less bucks. For within your price range, they are good bets.

If you want to pay more, you can get better. I would seriously have a look at what rendering you are doing and possibly look at chucking some of your build cost at a decent CUDA rendering card(s).

I already have a Rtx 2060 6Gb
see my work on blender
I will make images similar to this
made and rendered in Blender EEVEE
I intend to use the Unreal Engine to render real-time Gi

which processor do you suggest?
respecting the 390 Dollar limit

I’ve had a look at it and I I’ve checked out Linus’s benchmarks on the new generation of Ryzens - which includes a Blender render benchmark.

It’s close. The Ryzen 5 5600X is a great chip, but in a lot of benchmarks, including the rendering ones, the i7 edges it out.

Once you go up in price, things change round, but for your price point, it looks like the i7 by a thin margin.

Full breakdown and benchmarks here:

what is the best choice:

Intel Core i7-9700
AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT

I want to remember that “I won’t make render”

I will use Blender EEVEE and Unreal engine Gi real-time

what is more important in a processor to render with Blender EEVEE and unreal engine?

look at this comparison chart:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT vs Intel Core i7-9700: Qual a diferença? (


They have similar performance.
If you can get AMD Ryzen 5 5600X this is a bit better than the previous ones.
For AMD it is important that you buy the fastest RAM memory that your budget can achieve.

why for computer graphics technicians always recommend Ryzen and not intel core?

absolutely ryzen (starting from gen 2)

Just because current prices at AMD tend to be more convenient. Although due to pressure from AMD prices it seems Intel is also offering competitive prices lately. Another advantage of AMD is that motherboards tend to be compatible with new CPUs for longer than Intel motherboards.

There are many different tasks in Blender (no rendering), some of them are Single Thread tasks and others Multi Thread. Single and Multi-threaded CPU performance are the two important ones to work with in Blender (regardless of rendering work). The recommendation to work in blender is that you get a CPU with the best Single thread performance and the largest amount of threads you can buy (something balanced between the two things).
Both AMD and Intel have CPUs that meet that requirement. For similar features, AMD is generally a bit cheaper.

So it is your decision to choose the CPU that suits you by comparing single thread performance, number of threads and prices:

AMD is currently better choice performance - price.
But… but… AMD in past are caught red handed because make under table deals with “competition”. Also all stuff indicates that AMD go in same way as Intel, Nvidia. They slowly rise prices, following rise of “popularity” and by increasing sales. Also they overpriced his “flagship” products, for 20% more performance you pay 40% more… sound familiar :nerd_face:

Because they are currently better for most multi-core graphics applications.

It wasn’t always like that. Intel ruled the roost and although AMD processors delivered more bang for buck, the I7’s would always beat them on performance. This is how it was for years and years. I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 7 CPU. Before that, I had an i7 and I didn’t need to upgrade my CPU for 8 years. It handled anything I threw at it. But when I did upgrade, things had changed around.

Recently, AMD have pulled ahead with the Ryzen line of processors, but Intel keeps fighting back. You have to keep your ear to the ground. Keep checking out benchmarks when new processor lines land.

For now, generally, ryzen’s outperform their equivilent Intel processors. That may change soon. We don’t know.

Used 3900x are like 270 Euro here atm. Pretty much best performace/value and is supported by a wide range of cheap motherboards.