Product Design with LuxCore

Hello everyone, It took me two days to complete, and it was quite a challenging project that required me to draw upon all the knowledge I’ve gained over the past year. I used Substance Painter to create the textures and LuxCore engine for rendering.

LuxCore engine is a wonderful alternative to Cycles, and this was my first time using it. I’m really pleased with the results, but I did encounter a couple of issues. Firstly, there are no quick ways to assign materials like the “Node Wrangler” add-on, which meant I had to manually attach each image, taking up about 10% of my time. Secondly, there’s no support for UDIMS, and even though there is a menu for it in the node tree, it comes from Cycles render due to a code bug.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thnaks Bart! It’s an honor for me!

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