product illustration inox lasercut + silk screen printing

Hi everyone,

i have to do some illustrations for my 2nd job and so far pretty happy with the results…
but i don’t understand why my camera DOF doesn’t work on reflections? (Lower right corner)
Very strange!

THX in advance

No idea? Me too :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not :frowning: Looks like a bug. As if the reflection was processed after the defocus and not the other way round. Have you tried to set “Filter Glossy” in the render tab? According to the docs that should add some blur to glossy materials. Perhaps it could be a workaround, to give the bottle opener in the foreground a material with no gloss at all?

Thank you minoribus! I believe also in the bug thing - i changed the value of “filter glossy” from 0 to .5 -> same problem…but removing the glossy shader is brilliant and simple! Die einfachsten Lösungen sind doch die Besten :slight_smile:

Glad, that I could help in some way. I like the imprint of the stamp on the upright card. I tried that some time ago but I wasn’t that successful. Did you use a real stamp imprint and textured your object with this?

And - Gern geschehen :slight_smile:

I thought about a couple of options to do the print it’self…but started with only one texture (inox combined with print).
I think the displacement made it look the way it is - as you can see the material is quiet simple:

So thats it for today - i don’t like the uvs and unwrapping is not a friend of mine, good thing: a laser cutter with bad focus will mess the edges the same way up as i did :wink:

Nice, good progress. Would you mind to do a test and unplug the displacement noodle and plug it instead into the normal input of the lower diffuse shader? Does that makes a difference? I think of that, because the rule is to never plug things with different colors together.

Of course! When i put the displacement in the lower diffuse shader there is no bump - absolut glossy material with no scratches! BTW put this testrender with a bit gimpwork on facebook and it took 4min. for…how much? So the productrender works for what it’s made for :slight_smile:

So the productrender works for what it’s made for

Mission completed :slight_smile: Great!