Product modeling quote

We are a Brand/Design Agency in Stockholm with a client in need of the following:

Realistic modeling, texturing and lighting of:

  1. Monero Coin Recycler, neutral studio-like backdrop
  2. Monero Note Recycler, neutral studio-like backdrop
  3. A checkout disk with these products in place (something like in the images included but in a simplified style yet realistic style (without people, cables, groceries etc).
    Backdrop in transparent alpha so we could put different out-of-focus environments there.
    We could provide better reference images of a general checkout disk, but there could also be some artistic freedom for you here.

As you see we already have the models (made in SolidWorks) but we haven’t found a good way of importing them into Blender.
So if you don’t happen to have a simple solutions for this, they have to be modeled up from scratch.

Question 1: What would this cost, including 4–5 still renders and a complete delivery of .blend files all rights?
Question 2: Can you deliver by 10 December?


Monero Coin and Note Recyclers.pdf (429 KB)

PM Sent. Have a great day.

Hi everyone and thanks for your offers. We are now closing this and won’t take in further offers.

Hope your day renders out fine:-)



…if you want it is possible verifying my work e considering the collaboration. Ciao

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Hi! This offer is now closed but thanks anyway for mailing me.