product of boredom [mafia boss] - .blend file added

…uh… or kinda. well, i was bored and i modeled that… looks like a mafia boss, right? :wink:

modeled with SubSurf in blender 2.28, 2 hours of work.

edit: posted the .blend file, scroll down for the link.


nice modeling…far too much grain though.

make his lip move up for the cigar.

PS: not a mafia boss…he looks like a fat dumb croany, but not the boss. :stuck_out_tongue:

you wont believe that the lip is already up… maybe it’s just the perspective.
and you wont beleve that he’s a very dumb mafia boss =P

Nice work as always. Great character concept. more please


Pretty good, but as ditto pointed out, the cigar just need to be “stick” on the lips of the guy lol…it don’t seem to go inside.

You tried a black/white version? it could look good :smiley:

the cigar is just right, believe me. it’s the shadow and perspective that makes it look so strange.

that image is nearly bw, i sucked the colors out of it… before it was too colorful.

here’s a screeny without SubSurf on:


lovely character…want to see and hear it grumphs !! LOL

:wink: cool

a nice sepia tone would look good too.

can we get some other views as well, the model rocks!!

Very nice character. Excellent modelling.

For the lip, you should make the upper part of the lip bulge more, (i.e. the skin under the nose). That might help it a bit.


Very nice work. I wish I could learn how to model like that. But the only tutorials I can find on faces are’nt very good. They either are so badly written, or they leave out huge amounts of information. It would be very cool if you could write a tutorial about this character. If you put this together in 2 hours then a tutorial would be nothing, and a great learning experiance for poor bums like me. Please do.

Great work.

ooo! but the mafia boss is always the short fat guy… not the big urg guy… anyway, great render! I love it! he must have a large mafia… HULK SMASH*!! j/k very cool, looks good!

Thats an awesome characture, good job man!!! I could definatly see him sync’d in with some Marlon Brando Godfather lines, perhaps taking advantage of the new 2.28 features…

Good work man, always a pleasure to see your stuff!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

thanks for the comments!


here’s the .blend-file:



oh man, that is so cool, the dude has a lot of character