Product Visualization - SONY PCM-D100

Hi there! I made this model as a product visualization demo.
Made with Blender 2.81, rendered with Cycles. Hope you like it!
You can check some other works i made on my Instagram @Lautaro.Igl


Very nice hardsurface. What was the polycount on this?

What an incredible render! I love the lighting as well:)

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Hi, thanks! The polycount is 280.000 but is not optimized.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Too clean… but… so nice. :wink:

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Outstanding. I have no use for one of these gizmos but it’s so cool looking and now I want one.

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Oh thanks!!

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Love this. I’m doing some product work too at the moment but I’m new to blender, what did you do for your background on these? Just a plane or something fancier?

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Hi, thanks! The background looks like this: A HDR image is emitting environmental light, but the camera only see a white-to-blue gradient.


I don’t know what this is but I want one of these :smiley:
Great work!

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Superb detail and rendering … but may I please now offer one “tip” taken from the world of actual-product tabletop photo shoots.

“Most real-world products are not ‘colorful.’ They are gray-scale. Therefore, your background should be.”

But then, the complementary advice, which is also true:

“If your product is colorful, then your background should not be.”

This very simple rule of thumb achieves something that is actually quite important: “framing, and separation.” To illustrate my point, look at the first image: to the dots that lie beneath “-12 dB OVER.” Move your eyes to the left, beneath “the bump that’s at the bottom of the metal thing.” The issue is actually most-apparent in the small thumbnails that appear on the forum post: “there is no clear separation between the product and the background.” The 3D illusion that is a fundamental part of every photograph, however produced, is jeopardized.

Real-world photographers have lots of choices for backgrounds, and they typically spend almost as much time selecting the background as they do composing the arrangement of product in the shot.


I really like this. Wonderful detail and love the different views. You should be extremely happy with the way this turned out. Just amazing.

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Wow thats really sweet modeling!

I only thing the chrome or alu is to shiny :slight_smile: Sometimes helps using an HDR with darker patches, you get nicer reflection in your metals. Overall looks a bit to bright for my likings. Perhaps its the materials or perhaps its becaus there is a lot of chrome or metal in the scene. It looks very confinsing, yet somehow also outdated. Its some kind of high tech audio recorder right, i see dual mic. Looks like something from mid 2000 or end 90’s :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing this. It’s just what I was looking for my studio setup. I did it a bit differently but I like your solution more.

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It’s so cool!

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Thanks for posting the setup!

Is there a ground plane at all? How is it casting that nice shadow?

Yes! There is a plane as shadow catcher! I forgot to mention.


Stunning! Thank you for showing this great work.

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