Professinal Blender training DVDs

Is there such a thing? as in, hollywood style effects? everything Ive found so far, is either basic learning the interface, or looks, cartoony… =/ its like an endless loop of furr, or grass or characters, with fur, standing on grass… :spin:
something along the lines of video co-pilot tutorials would be cool, like how to build newyork city and destroy it.

I’m of the opinion that an artist that knows his tools inside and out should be able to take any good tutorial that is teaching technique and apply it to their own tools. The tools only make such and such job easier, and no one 3D package is perfect yet.

That being said, I’m in no way a Blender pro. So i too would love to see more in depth, high end, high quality tutorials about things I could actually use for an industry job. Video copilot is an excellent example.

Well I agree, i was refering to third partys who create DVDs to sell, if one were to buy such a thing, one would want it specifically for blender. rather than paying for a maya dvd, in hope you may learn something.