Professor X Cerebro Helmet

Professor X of the X-Men and his Cerebro helmet, as seen in the current “Krakoa Era” issues of X-Men.

For some reason the look of the helmet really grabbed me and I decided to model it. It was more difficult than I expected, but on the plus side it forced me to finally start learning and using the HardOps/BoxCutter bundle I had bought but had not even installed.

Another thing I had to deal with was all sorts of retopo issues. After all my futzing around, I managed to make a decent representation of the helmet, but the topology was hideous.

To fix this I used the remesh feature built into Blender. It technically worked, it made some nice looking quads out of the Frankenstein mess I had created, but they were not ideal quads, and the topology didn’t really flow the way I wanted.

I’ve resolved to work more on retopology in the future, as it really slowed my progress on this piece.

Yet another issue when dealing with these comic book projects is that getting all the angles of a certain thing can be a hassle. You only have what the artist chooses to draw in those panels.

Even more, you have different interpretations from different artists. For example some colorists choose to make the “X” across the helmet as a set of lenses, while other colorists color the whole shebang as if it’s all metal, which is fine for Professor X because he can use his powers to “see”.

Obviously I chose to make the “X” as if it were a solid lens, just because I thought it would be more dynamic.

Additionally, you never quite know what the materials are in these superhero suits. I’m not one for exacting realism, but I’d still like to know what the material is supposed to be at least to start with. I must have tried about a zillion different metallic textures and shaders before I settled on one.

I’m going to see if I can squeak out a good looking turntable on this thing in the near future.

Here’s some other rough renders as well:


this is fantastic!

Hey thanks man, I appreciate it!

Here’s the turntable animation for this.

I used the ‘Turnaround Camera’ add-on included in Blender to set this up.

I rendered half of it on RenderStreet and half on my own machine. I kept going over their time allotments per frame on some of it.

The lesson learned here is just because you know you’re going to render on a service, you still have to follow best practices with regards to excessive geometry, light bounces and going nuts with volumetrics. Even if cost isn’t an issue, the service might flat out refuse to render it.

Great work with the helmet @jgstyle!

Regarding the time limits, I just wanted to mention that they only apply to the monthly subscription plan, and they can be upgraded if needed. The on-demand plan doesn’t have any time limits, and we also have machines with up to 200 GB of RAM available for heavy projects.

@RenderStreet that’s good to know, thanks for the info!

@jgstyle Hello, I’ve been trying to contact you through the server but for some reason I’m having a bit of trouble sending the message. Could you send me an email when you get the chance @ [email protected]? I’m just inquiring about purchasing this helmet, if possible. Thank you.

Hello! Can you please send me an e-mail for us to negotiate a purchase of one Xavier’s Helmet? Thanks.

amazing work!

Is it possible to use the files to have it 3d printed? I am new to this page and just found Cerebro (which is what I have been looking for), so I thought I would at least ask.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

Hey thanks for the kind words.

Unfortunately this one isn’t really made for 3D printing, only for rendering. There’s a ton of separate pieces and it’s not even close to being watertight.

That said… I have no problem providing the file to anyone who wants to take a stab at it.

You can grab it here:

This is the helmet only and a few lights.

Included in the zip is a .blend, a .obj and a .dae (collada). The collada doesn’t seem to import very well but maybe it works better in other programs.

So if anyone is willing to put in the work to 3D print this thing have at it, just make sure to shoot a link back here so we can check it out.